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Why waste time constantly raking up autumn leaves when you can use a leaf blower that will speed the job up tenfold. Our blowers make the back breaking task of raking fallen leaves a quick, simple and easy job. A leaf blower is a brilliant and easy way to clear leaves from your lawn, drive, paths or any area that you need to be tidy.

We stock a wide range of leaf blowers for both domestic and professional use. Whether you are a professional gardener, groundsman or just blighted by autumn leaves from adjoining properties. We have a large selection of leaf blowers for you to choose from a variety of leading brands.

Leaf blowers are also ideal for removing litter and other discarded items from your lawn, garden and hedgerow. This simple gardening tool is incredibly versatile allowing you to keep your garden in tip top condition.

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Making Light Work Of Large Gardens

All Leaf Blowers are offered at highly competitive prices. Our number one aim is customer satisfaction and has been achieved through our high level of customer service, low costs and happy customers. Because of this we have built up a strong reputation as a company that you can trust.

Owning a leaf blowers allows you to clean up even the largest of gardens. Tidy up your garden or drive with our range of garden leaf vacuums & garden leaf blowers. Let us help you choose the right product to get the job done and reduce the back breaking job of gathering those leaves manually.

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