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When you have hedge trimmings or tree cuttings to dispose of then a chipper shredders can be the ideal solution. The remaining chippings can be put on your compost heap and will soon become the perfect mulch, or can be put on your flower beds. Our range of chipper shredders make disposing of cuttings quick, simple and easy.

Shredders are capable of reducing large volumes of green waste effortlessly. Get rid of all that garden waste and recycle it back into the garden with one of our chippers shredders helping you to both reduce and reuse your green waste.

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Recycle Your Garden Waste

Here at ‘Lawntrack’ we stock a wide range of chipper shredders to suit just about anyone. Whether you are a professional gardener or a weekend enthusiast we will be able to provide you with the ideal chipper shredders for you.

All our garden machinery is available at highly competitive prices. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Because of this we have built up a strong reputation as a company that you can trust.

When it comes to chipper shredders nobody can offer you a service or range like ours from all the leading brands. Lawntrack Supplies also carry a vast range of spare parts.

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